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Arc Astro EScooter

  • $1,19900

  • Arc Astro. The ultimate all rounder commuting device. Weighing in at 13.5kg, its can carry a body weight of up to 120kg effortlessly. It is extremely compact, making it easy to carry it around and easy to store. The scooter frame is made of Magnesium alloy, that offers extreme sturdiness and durability. It is also super sleek and the edges are buff down to make it as safe as possible for users. It comes with conventional handbrakes to provide a more familiar ride for the user. With its rear wheel drive, acceleration is smooth and predictable. The silent motor can reach up to 26km/h and it is powerful enough to climb hills and slopes with ease. Arc Astro comes with a Samsung Lithium Ion battery that is safe and long lasting. It requires only 2 hours to charge the scooter from empty to full. It is also easily the most fuss free scooter in the market. It does not have gears and belt like most scooters in its category. Safely to say, the scooter is maintenance free. Stock ETA 16th June 2016.


  • Battery Samsung 8ah 36V
    Motor 350W DC Brushless Motor
    Optimal SingleCharge Range Up to 30km (depends on conditions such as weight, wind, road surface)
    Safe Weight Limit  120kg
    Charging Time  ~4 hours
    Max Speed Up to 25km/h
    Weight 13.5 kg
    Material Magnesium Alloy
    Size 1150 x 500 x 1180 mm (Unfolded)
    Wheels 10″ Air wheels Front & Rear
    Braking Rear Disc Brake
    LCD Display Battery Life, Speedometer, Current and Total Mileage
    Speed Easy speed change 1 12km/h 2 19km/h 3 26km/h
    Peripherals  Front head light and rear brake lights