Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings

Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings

One of the fastest bearings under Bones. The bearings are build using Bones precision ground and polished races, fiber reinforced high speed ball retainer, Cerbec silicon nitride ceramic balls, Speed Cream™ racing formula lubricant, and a frictionless, noncontact shield. The advantages of using ceramic balls are that they are noncorrosive, lighter weight, harder & stronger than steel, have lower rolling friction, and last longer. This makes Bones Swiss Ceramic bearings accelerate faster, roll farther, and last longer than polished steel ball bearings. Its the best a ball bearing can get. 

    • Fastest Speed and Acceleration
    • Lowest Friction, Longest Roll
    • Lightest Weight
    • SelfMending, Longest Lasting / PreLubricated with Speed Cream™
    • Easy Cleaning & Relubricating
    • Removable High Speed Nylon Ball Cage
    • NonContact Removable Rubber Shield
    • More precise than industrial graded bearings


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