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Chaya LED 65mm Quad Wheels

Chaya LED 65mm Quad Wheels

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The Chaya Neon Red LED outdoor quad wheel will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Built with long-lasting super high rebound polyurethane (PU) this outdoor wheel at 78A hardness is high quality, smooth rolling, and shines bright thanks to a series of red LED lights within the hub that gleam as the wheel spins. Perfect for shining bright at indoor roller discos or for evening cruising outdoors - just for fun, or to stay safe. Neon LED wheels are available in six bright shining colors - white, pink, blue, red, purple, and black.

Diameter: 65mm x 38mm

Durometer: 78a

Bearing standard: 608

SHR = Super High Rebound polyurethan (PU) for great speed and grip

Speed: Medium

Grip: High

Hub: Block

Shape: Round edges for smooth skating and easy turning

Weight: 90g

Sold in pack of 4

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