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Crocodile Biting Game

Crocodile Biting Game

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Material: made of safe plastic; fit for children 4 years old child and older.

Package includes: 1 x alligator dentist. It does not require batteries and has no extra parts to lose.

Dentist Games: This toy is super fun and great for young children or family entertainment game.

Thrilling Excitement: the mouth snaps shut when someone presses on the "aching tooth". Giggles and happy squealing will ensue.

Great gift: perfect for your kids as a birthday gift, Christmas gift. It is also suitable for all kinds of occasion.

A Funny Toy for Both Kids and Adults


Green body with big eyes, long teeth and big mouth.

Which tooth is bothering the poor croc?

Open the crocodile's mouth and press one tooth at a time to see how long you can survive with no loose parts and exciting snapping jaws.

Press the sore tooth and he will surprise you.

Play with your family, friends, and classmates.

Randomly bites you every time you touch the tooth that is "sore". You will never know which tooth you push in that will cause the jaw to snap shut.

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