Dog Skating is the only Dog Walking Service on Skates in Singapore
Dog Skating

Dog Skating

Inlinex is the first company in Singapore ever to provide dog walking on skates.

Dog walking services are common and you can easily get someone to walk your dog. However, you dog can only cover 3-4km max per session and this is definitely not enough for you dog. By adding inline skating to the mix, your dog can now cover 4-5 times the distance and workout. on average, a 15-20 minute skate session is equivalent to an hour walk session. 

Getting used to the skates and skater

The first session will be slightly tricky if your dog has never experience skating before. The introduction of this sport to your dog will take around 10-15 minutes. After which most dogs will be ready to go. We recommend a pulling harness on the first few sessions. Once your dog becomes comfortable with the skates and skater, any type of leash will be okay. Please provide us a drinking bowl for you dog during some breaks in between session. best dog bed

How to sign up

  1. Make the payment
  2. Provide us with your address
  3. We will pick your dog and bring him to the closest park or park connector recommended by you
  4. We give your dog a good workout
  5. We send your dog back to you

Depending on age, weight, breed and health, I will customize a skating plan for your dog. Your dog will be able to run, jog, walk at whatever pace they're feeling that day, without overexertion. Safety is our priority and we will never put your dog at risk. 

Highlights of this Service

  • Each session is up to 1 hour ( We do not recommend more than 2 hours per session)
  • Each session covers a minimum of 6km
  • We will pace your dog. This means your dog can "jog" at optimum speed
  • We will make sure that your dog will not overexert 

For more information, please contact Adam at 81285873

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