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Doop Sunset 80 Skates

Doop Sunset 80 Skates

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This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

Powerslide Doop Sunset 80 Skates are built for urban commuters and other riders who are looking for a fast and easy way to get around town. Three fully adjustable straps lock your foot, shoe and all, into place while you cruise. As cool as the convenience factor is, safety is paramount! This Doop comes equipped with a height adjustable brake system and a Trinity-mounted frame that is more responsive and rides lower to the ground than traditionally mounted frames. Not content to stop there, Powerslide use 'glow in the dark' wheels and clip on LED safety light (USB rechargeable) and reflective stickers as visual aids for when the sun goes down. . The best in quick, easy, convenient transport...make it a Doop day!

Trinity mount Elite Aluminum Frame with Infinity 80mm 83A wheels and ABEC7 bearings. HABS (height adjustable brake system) allows for pad adjustment, and is removable without having to remove an axle (simply remove screws on side).



Doop Adjustable Skeleton

Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Loosen Mounting Bolt Under Rear Wheel for Adjustment

Nylon, Mesh, Lycra Uppers

Heel Stiffness: High

Toe Stiffness: Medium

Support Cuff: Medium to High

Trinity Mount


Powerslide Infinity Wheels

80mm 83A; 24mm Width

Glow in the Dark Polyurethane

BEARINGS Wicked ABEC7 Bearings

Powerslide Elite Frames:

Max. Wheel Size 80mm

Trinity 3-Point Mounting

Adjustable Front to Back

Adjustable Side to Side (2mm)

243 mm Length

8mm Steel Axles - 4mm Hex


Top Closure: Classic Micro Adjustable Buckle

LED Safety Light attached

45° Closure: Micro Adjustable Force Ratchet Buckle

Toe Closure: Asymmetrical Velcro Strap


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