Doop Trinity Swift 100 Skates
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Doop Trinity Swift 100 Skates

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  • This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

    Doop Swift 100 Skates (powered by Powerslide). Strap in and out wearing your regular shoes with shells that adjust up to 7 sizes! Updates to the frames and shell adjustment make this Swift 100 ride better, and adjust easier. LED lights and glow in the dark wheels allow you to skate into the night! Trinity frames use a winged mount under the ball of the foot that creates stabilty and power at pushoff. It also creates a channel for the wheels to recess into the boot for a lower center of gravity. Being a triskate, it allows for short 9.1" frames for great agility. Together they make skating large 100mm easy, allowing all to enjoy the fast and smooth ride that larger wheels bring. Keep to yourelf or share with friends. The shell adjusts simply by removing the mounting bolt above the rear wheel. Comes with HABS (height adjustable brake system), that allows adjustment to prolong pad life. Elite Trinity Frames ; Spinner 100mm 86A Wheels ; ABEC7 Bearings



    Doop Adjustable Skeleton

    Strap in Wearing Regular Shoes

    Made From High Impact Plastic

    Slim Instep Design

    Customizable Lower Strap (3 Positions)

    Trinity Mount

    LED Light on Cuff Buckle

    WHEELS Spinner 100mm 86A Wheels

    Glow in the Dark Wheels

    BEARINGS Wicked ABEC7 Bearings

    Powerslide Elite Casted Aluminum Trinity Frames

    Max Wheel Size : 100mm

    Adjustable Forward and Backward

    Frame Length: 231mm / 9.1"


    Memory Foam Tongue Padding

    Tri-Strap Closures

    Micro Ratchet Toe Strap

    Padded Comfort Strap

    Micro Ratchet In-Step Strap Attaches Through Shoe Wrap

    Mid Strap with 3-Position Side Adjustment and Heavy Ratchet Buckle

    Memory Foam Padding

    Memory Lock Cuff Buckle

    Comes with attached LED lights

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