Doop Trinity Swift Boot Only
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Doop Trinity Swift Boot Only

Doop Trinity Swift Boot Only

  • This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

    The Doop skates are made for fun blasts through the city with the ease of access that only a modular skate-build like this can provide. Throw on your favorite pair of sneakers, strap into the Doop Swift and you are ready to go. The keen eye may have noticed the fact that this is a boot-only version. This provides you with the option of choosing between the selection of Trinity compatible frames. This adds versatility to your choice. The Trinity version comes with the fresh Trinity 3-point frame mounting system. This 3-point mounting system allows for a lower center of gravity, which makes it more stable and yields a far better power transfer.



    Doop Adjustable Skeleton

    Loosen Mounting Bolt Under Rear Wheel for Adjustment

    Strap in Wearing Regular Shoes

    Made From High Impact Plastic

    Slim Instep Design

    Customizable Lower Strap (3 Positions)

    Trinity Mount


    Memory Foam Tongue Padding

    Tri-Strap Closures

    Micro Ratchet Toe Strap

    Padded Comfort Strap

    Micro Ratchet In-Step Strap Attaches Through Shoe Wrap

    Mid Strap with 3-Position Side Adjustment and Heavy Ratchet Buckle

    Memory Foam Padding

    Memory Lock Cuff Buckle

    Comes with attached LED lights

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