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Endless 100 RB Frame

Endless 100 RB Frame

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The Endless 100 RB Frame is a precision machined, multi-setup frame designed specifically for the Rollerblade RB/Twister series of urban skates, Adapt Hyperskates, and other 165 mm compatible skates that may have issues centering 3rd party frames. The Endless 100 RB features longitudinal mounting slots for dialing in front-back frame alignment.

If you typically adjust your frames laterally on your boot to compensate for pronantion issues or to optimize toe-in, then we advise against ordering this frame. The longitundinal slots provide minimal lateral adjustment.


Multiple setups: 4x100, 3x110*

Balanced Rocker for 4-wheel setup

Flat configuration for 3x110 setup

*Many boots will be able to fit 3x125, including FR Skates FR1/2/3/X, Rollerblade RB80/110/Pro/Cruiser, and Rollerblade Twister Edge

Compatible with good quality bullet profile wheels only

Recommended for Intermediate and Advanced skill levels

Recommended for boot sizes 40 (260 mm foot length) and above

Mounting: 165 mm

Longitudinal mounting slots allow for optimized front-back alignment with Rollerblade and Adapt skates

For centered mounting on FR/Seba boots and Micro MT Plus: push frame forward (bolt sits towards rear of slot)

For centered mounting on Rollerblade or Adapt boots: push frame backwards (bolt sits towards front of slot)

Wheelbase: 303 mm

Brake compatibility (not recommended for use with brake):

4x100: Powerslide Urban Brake Size L (908058/3)

3x110: none

One frame set includes: 2 frames and 8 axles

CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum

Weight = 341 grams, without spacers and axles

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