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Endless 90 LR Trinity Frame

Endless 90 LR Trinity Frame

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The Endless 90 LR Trinity Frame is a precision machined, multi-setup “Low Ride” frame designed specifically to elevate Powerslide TRINITY skates to the highest level of aesthetics and performance. The result is an even more enjoyable skate that offers the same acclaimed experience skaters across the world have been buzzing about since Endless launched. We are proud to be the very first brand to create freeskate frames for Powerslide TRINITY urban and recreational skates.

This frame has a lower ride height than the standard Endless 90 TRINITY Frame when used with the 4-wheel setup, providing the absolute lowest 4x90 TRINITY setup on the market. Although it lacks the 3x110 flat setup of its standard counterpart, there is a 3x100 setup which hits a sweet spot for acceleration, speed, and weight and features our "Enhanced Flat" setup that feels more maneuverable than flat, without feeling rockered. The two setups are fine-tuned for control and agility in urban environments.


Multiple setups: 4x90, 3x100

Balanced Rocker for 4-wheel setup

Enhanced Flat configuration for 3-wheel setup

Has a very subtle micro-rocker - feels like a worn-in flat setup

Compatible with bullet profile wheels only

Recommended for all skill levels

Recommended for boot sizes 40 (260 mm foot length) and above

Mounting: TRINITY 3-point

Boot compatibility: Some of the Powerslide fitness skates may have very small clearances when using brand new 100 mm wheels

Wheelbase: 276 mm

Brake compatibility:

4x90: Powerslide Urban Brake Size M (908058/2) - may require modification to fit 3x100: Powerslide Urban Brake Size L (908058/3), FR Skates 3W Brake (FRBRK-3W)

One frame set includes: 2 frames and 8 axles

CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum

Weight = 263 grams, without spacers and axles

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