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Ennui Carrera Protective Glove

Ennui Carrera Protective Glove

  • The ENNUI CARRERA gloves can be described in short: Unobtrusive, thin, lightweight and highly breathable. Featuring knuckle inserts, highly resistant microfiber material on the palm and a removable plastic cap. The CARRERA gloves are the perfect solution for those who don’t want to limit the movement of their wrists and fingers but at the same time provide an essential protection to their hands for falls at high speed.

    Recommended for: Skateboarding, Freeride Longboarding, Inline Skating, Roller Derby, Roller Skating, Streetboarding, Off-Road Skating.

  • Shell Slide Pads made out of PE material
    Fabric Mesh material for ventilation

    Thumbs made out of soft Terrycloth material, integrated knuckle protectors

    Safety rating: A+ confirms the good protective functions

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