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Ennui City Brace Wrist

Ennui City Brace Wrist

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The infamous ENNUI CITY wrist brace is the ultimate wrist protection. Based on medical arm braces your wrist is kept in optimal position to heal it from injuries and prevent sprains. We worked with orthopedic specialists to develop this revolutionary brace. By using high quality materials like real leather we created a very durable and abrasion resistant wristguard. The padding on the sides and under the splint, the neoprene sleeve and the lacing system provide a very solid ergonomic fit. The City brace was everyone’s favorite for a reason and the reworked City brace for 2018 is even better, it’s our best wristguard yet.


· New rear splint: thinner, but stronger with improved shape and position.

· Stronger palm splint.

· Extra padding on SBR sleeve to improve protection and comfort.

· New palm made out of high quality real leather, long lasting and abrasion resistant.

· New rear closing system more secure and with lower profile than before.

Recommended for: Skateboarding, Cruiser Boards, Inline Skating, Roller Derby, Roller Skating, Streetboarding, Off-Road Skating.

Shell Protection Cap made out of aluminium (top and bottom)
Fabric ventilate neorene, PU-leather, mesh
Closure Easy closing with lacing closure
Special feature very stiff and best wristprotection
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