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Flying Eagle F5 Pink Eclipse Urban Skate

Flying Eagle F5 Pink Eclipse Urban Skate

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The F5 Skate is the brother of the Falcon Skate, with the same build, differentiating itself in the frame. The model was introduced in 2019 includes a new optional rockering frame, This skate is a high end Freeskate skate perfect for all kinds of urban skating as well as fitness skating. We believe this to be one of the world’s finest shells, with a super strong aluminium frame, SHR Wheels, resilient milimetric buckles. The liners have a neoprene toe for perfect fit and control. Now in Pink and Black for ladies.

This skate is fast, tough and precise – we love it!

Brakes sold seperately


Skates are easier to roll and better for those who have experience in skating. The wheels are usually harder to reduce grip and increase roll time. Balls in the bearings are rounder for a smoother and increased speed.


Urban Skates comes with a hard shell that offers better support to the ankles. Urban Skates helps skaters balance better and provide extra security for climbing stairs, rolling over uneven terrain and going down slopes.


Balanced set up means its right in between of stability and agility. You get the best of both with skates like this. 



165mm Mounting

Reinforced Mounting Pads

Integrated Shock Absorber

Molded Plastic Hard Shell with Vents

Replaceable Side Protector

Compatible with Triskate Frames Mounting 165mm

Solid Aluminium baseplate with multiple anchor points.

WHEELS FE High Rebound 80mm 85a Wheels x4 (EU 41-46)

FE High Rebound 76mm 85a Wheels x4 (EU36-40) 

BEARINGS ABEC7 Serviceable Bearings

CNC Machined Aluminum


165mm, 180mm or 195mm Mounting

EU37-39 4x76mm 231mm Length

EU41-45 4x80mm 243mm Length

Laterally Adjustable

One-Piece 8mm Aluminum Axles

Rockerable front and rear frames

EU36-40 4x76mm 231mm Length



Ultra-Comfort Liners

Removable Footbed

Not Heat Moldable


Cuff Buckle

Mid buckles with milimetric fastening feature.



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