FR3 80 Skates
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FR3 80 Skates

FR3 80 Skates

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  • The FR3 80 is combines Freeride and Freestyle skating in one. X2R rockerable frames allow you to rocker wheels by just turning the outside axles to move wheels up/down. This allows you to adjust rockered for more maneuverability to FReestyle or flat for more stability to FReeride (urban freeskate). Integrated frame mounting plates make for a responsive, synergestic feel with boot and frame, and with 3 different mounting positions it lets you customize to your liking.

    The FR3 costs less than the FR1, gaining some places where it gives up others. The FR3 has a plastic cuff buckle and no heel pad, but it still has a great liner with cushion built-in. It then has X2R rockerable frames and Street King 80mm 85A wheels to go with TwinCam MW7 bearings. A great skate for those improving on their urban and freestyle slalom skills.



    Molded Plastic Shell

    Replaceable Lateral Abrasive Pads

    Integrated Frame Mounting Energy Plates

    3 Mounting Positions in Front ; 3 in Back

    Supports 165 & 195 Mount Frames

    WHEELS FR Street Kings 80mm 85A Wheels
    BEARINGS Twincam MW7 Bearings

    FR X2R Rockerable Framestruded Aluminum Frames

    243mm Length

    Lightweight - Stiff - Responsive

    165mm Mount Spacing

    One-Piece 8mm Axles

    Laterally Adjustable



    FR Liner (Removable)

    Lace Holes to Secure to Shell

    Preformed, Enhanced Fit

    Drylex Memory Foam

    FR Footbed (Removable)

    Heel Pad for Shock Absorption


    Plastic Safety Cuff Buckles

    45-Degree Ratchet Buckle


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