GAWDS Franky Morales 60mm Wheels
GAWDS Franky Morales 60mm Wheels

GAWDS Franky Morales 60mm Wheels

Gawds Franky Morales Pro Wheels 60mm 90A. Franky Morales is the founder of Gawds and a legendary aggressive skater. Franky's Pro Wheel is 60mm 90A with a rounded profile. It is big, and fast! In Gawds we trust, because of their collaboration with the world's leading PU manufacturer in SoCal. Gawds offers only the purest urethane with no additives to bring us the best quality possible.

GAWDS wheels are high-end aggressive wheels that are not cheap, cause they are perhaps the best. Poured in the USA with a hard Tribune PU Core that interlocks and bonds with the outside PU for incredible rebound, durability, reliabiilty and speed.

Price is for a 4-Pack

Size: 60mm

Type: Aggressive

Hardness: 90A

Hub: Standard 608 Tribune Core

Profile: Round

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