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iMax T3 Electric Scooter

  • The iMax is the newest range of Electric Scooters, and have been designed in Korea. Through our vigorous testing, the iMax range have shown to be among the sturdiest builds; if you are looking for a escooter will minimal free play, this might just be the best one. All iMax scooters are equipped with genuine Samsung lithium batteries certified for international distribution; So you can be ensured a vehicle with a very long lifespan. The T3 weighs 13.5KG and gives a monstrous top speed of 35 KM/H and max range of 35 KM. The T3+ features the same top speed of 35 KM/H but with additional traveling range of 45 KM. The iMax T3 is a very solid and fast electric scooter, weighing at 13 KG and achieves a top speed of 35KM/H. The iMax T3 features a very solid and sleek build, with an incredibly silent and smooth motor built into the rear wheel. Despite it's quiet and small motor, this beauty can achieve a Top Speed 35KM/H and has a range of 35KM.


  • Motor 350W Brushless Motor
    Voltage 36V
    Battery Samsung Li-on
    Weight 13 kg
    Charge time 4 hrs
    Top Speed 25km/h
    Top Range T3 - 35km / T3+ - 45km
    Braking System Rear disc brakes
    Tyres 8 inch pneumatic tires front and solid rear

    Bulit in front Suspension