K2 FIT 80 Alu Men Skates
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K2 FIT 80 Alu Men Skates

K2 FIT 80 Alu Men Skates

  • Great for casual skating or for those just starting to get into fitness skating, the K2 FIT 80 Alu Skates for Men are built to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience. K2 SoftBoots provide a soft, shoe like feel that is comfortable for a variety of foot shapes while the stamped aluminum frame reduces vibrations, increases power transfer and creating a smoother ride. Outfitted with the simple K2 Speed Lacing to keep your focus on skating, not lacing.

    K2 FIT Series 80mm 80A Wheels ; ABEC5 bearings.



    Stability Plus Cuff

    WHEELS K2 Fitness Series 80mm 80A Wheels
    BEARINGS ABEC5 Sealed 608 Bearings

    Stamped Aluminum Frame

    Responsive, stiff and durable stamped aluminum for acceleration and speed


    Integrated Foam Liner

    CLOSURE Memory Cuff Buckle
    Velcro 45 Degree Power Strap
    Pro Speed Lacing
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