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K2 Trio 100 Skates

  • K2 Trio Skates are unlke any others in the K2 line. It uses a triple closure system on a comfortable, well-ventilated soft boot, plus an extra strap over the toes for increased response. Large 100mm wheels in a triskate setup make them easy to skate, while also being fast, able to get over cracks and bumps easily and maintaining roll better than smaller wheels. Rockerable wheels and UFS mounting allow for endless customization possibilities.

    Multiple straps (two of them removable) and an elastic stabilizer on the forefoot, allow for a customized, supportive feel. Boots have UFS mounting, allowing the installation of any aggressive style frame or one of the many urban UFS frames now on the market (including K2's R80 4x80 and R100 4x100 frames).

    100mm 90A wheels ; TwinCam ILQ7 Bearings ; UFS Mount ; Brake



    Urban Cuff

    Elastic Stabilizer on Forefoot

    UFS Mount

    SoftBoot Technology

    WHEELS K2 100mm 90A Wheels
    BEARINGS TwinCam ILQ7 Serviceable Bearings

    Trio Frame

    Aluminum Construction

    Rockerable Frame Inserts

    10.0" Frame Length


    Integrated Foam Liner

    CLOSURE Velcro Cuff Strap; Velcro Upper Strap (Removable)
    Velcro 45 Degree Power Strap
    Standard Lacing
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