K2 Trio 110 Tri Skates
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K2 Trio 110 Tri Skates

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  • K2 Trio 110 Unisex Inline Skates. Part of K2's Lifestyle Line, the Trio was made for those that love to be on wheels. Versatile and maneuverable, Trio boots are more firm and responsive than K2's recreational and fitness boots. Added stability and response works great in urban settings where changes in direction are common. At 110mm, this model speeds things up a bit.

    Triple velcro strap closure, urban cuffs and extra strap over the toes keep feet secure and laterally stable. Short triskate frames are easily maneuvered and with UFS mounting (meaning boots are compatible with any UFS frame). Optional rockering (changing wheel height) can be done by simply flipping frame spacers (all 3 positions). Brake attached with extra axle for removal.

    UFS Aluminum Frames ; 110mm 90A wheels ; ILQ9 Bearings



    SoftBoot Technology

    Urban Cuff for Lateral Stability

    Elastic Stabilizer on Forefoot

    UFS Mount

    WHEELS K2 110mm 90A Wheels
    BEARINGS TwinCam ILQ9 Serviceable Bearings

    Trio Frame

    3x110mm (Max 100mm)

    Aluminum Construction

    Rockerable Frame Inserts

    10.5" Frame Length (Depends on Skate Size)

    Two Piece 6mm Axles

    Rockerable Spacers

    UFS Mount


    Not Laterally Adjustable


    Integrated Foam Liner


    Standard Lacing

    Velcro Cuff Strap

    Velcro Upper Strap (Removable)

    Velcro 45 Degree Power Strap (Removable)

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