K2 Unnatural Aggressive Skates
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K2 Unnatural Aggressive Skates

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  • The K2 Unnatural Aggressive Skates are constructed with one-piece soul system, a unique flat riding frame design and friction reducing Teflon inserts. The Teflon base is great for grinds and provides smooth sliding with good durability. The frame technology has been altered to allow flat setups of up to 61mm. The integrated H-Block design has a deeper groove and flared sidewalls so that your inner wheels won't get hung up. The lining is comfortable and flexible, while the addition of an upper collar velcro strap helps retain stability and support.

    K2 60mm 88A Wheels ; ABEC5 Bearings ; 6mm Axles



    K2 SoftBoot Uppers with Integrated Lining

    UFS Mount

    WHEELS K2 60mm/88A Wheels
    BEARINGS K2 ABEC 5 Bearings

    Frame Tech Flat Frames

    One-Piece Soul System

    Non-replaceable soul plates


    Contoured internal padding

    CLOSURE High cuff collar velcro strap
    Improved top ankle buckle - a bigger receiver has been added to the ankle clasp for more durability
    Standard Lacing
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