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Kizer Fluid IV Frame

Kizer Fluid IV Frame

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The Kizer Fluid IV frame is the worlds first & only 100% anti-rocker frame on the aggressive skating market. These classic UFS frames are optimized for grinds in every aspect. The infamous Fluid material will withstand any abuse while sliding perfectly on all obstacles. The unique groove shape leads directly towards the anti-rocker wheel, resulting in a perfect lock & slide feeling. The lightweight frame holds two outside wheels up to a wheel size of 60mm, providing maximum rolling speed at minimum height. To match your personal skate size, it comes in three different lenghts. Solid Kizer double steel axles & aluminum frame spacers will make your wheels spin for longer. Thanks to the UFS-system, the frames fit perfectly on all UFS-skates available.

Frame: Kizer Fluid IV Antirocker frame with UFS mounting, flat setup not possible


  • S = Sizes 5.0 - 7.0 
  • M = Sizes 8.0 - 9.0 
  • L = Sizes 10 - 15.0 


  • 8mm Axles
  • 8 Spacers
  • Mounting Bolts Sold Separately
  • Max Outer Wheel = 60mm
  • Max Inner Wheel = Must use anti-rocker wheels

Price if for a pair

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