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Limar Air Star Helmet

Limar Air Star Helmet

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LIMAR AIR STAR: A SOUL FOR GRAVEL, A HEART FOR THE NIGHT Limar AIR STAR helmet has been designed and developed for Gravel lovers, with the great comfort and supreme ventilation of LIMAR AIR Revolution line. The rear red light included, perfectly fitting on the adjustment system, increases safety when riding at night or in limited light conditions.

With the in-mould triple shell, AIR STAR helmet offers a full protection and easiness in cleaning also on the bottom trim of the helmet.

Fresh and original in design, aerodynamic in performace and ultrafit and comfortable when on your head.

Granted by 19 air vents and internal conveyed channels, the air circulation is boosted by the Venturi effect allowing air extra speed and enhancing the freshness feeling inside the helmet.

The adjustment system, Competition+, allows horizontal and vertical adjustments, and guides the strap for a perfect fitting.


WEIGHT M (230g), L (250g)

Antibacterial and washable comfort pads


In-mould triple shell

FIT SYSTEM AirFit-System with height adjustment and webbing connection
VENTILATION 19 air vents
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