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Micro Beat Urban Skates

Micro Beat Urban Skates

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Beat Your Best, Beat The Rest.

Cruise the city in style on this outstanding urban skate. The Micro Beat has a super comfortable Micro fiber upper on high resistant polypropylene base. This is a very light skate designed to last. The cuff made from the same material as the base.The comfortable liner is removable,washable and has lace loops to draw your laces through to give you more support on this big wheel setup. Durable safety shine lock buckle and 45 degree micro velcro ankle strap. Huge side pads to help you protect the skate from scratches.You can choose from 2 different wheel setups. 3x100mm super high rebound wheels with 235mm CNC 6000 Series High Quality aluminium frame or 3x110mm super high rebound wheels with 243mm CNC 6000 Series High Quality aluminium frame. The bigger the wheel, The less rotations you need to cover a larger distance. A lower profile design to lower the center of gravity with increased speed and maneuverability.


Skates are easier to roll and better for those who have experience in skating. The wheels are usually harder to reduce grip and increase roll time. Balls in the bearings are rounder for a smoother and increased speed.


Urban Skates comes with a hard shell that offers better support to the ankles. Urban Skates helps skaters balance better and provide extra security for climbing stairs, rolling over uneven terrain and going down slopes.


Agile set up means the frame is shorter and usually have the front and rear wheels almost aligned with the skate boot. This allows a smaller foot print and makes pivoting easier. Skaters who prefer easy maneuvering and sharp turns should go for this set up.



High Quality Composition Leather

High Resistant Polypropylene Cuff


EU35-40 100mm wheels

EU41-45: 110mm wheels


6000 Series High Quality Aluminan

EU35-40: Max 100mm wheels 231mm

EU41-45: Max 110mm wheels 243mm


Laterally Adjustable ; Front to Back Adjustable with These Boots

Steel Single Side 8mm Axles - Hex


Perfect Fitted Liner

Lace Holes to Improve/Customize Support Level

Memory Foam Molds Naturally with Skate Time



Metal Top Buckle

45 degrees Velcro Strap



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