Mission Inhaler NLS3 Roller Hockey Skates Sr

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Mission Inhaler NLS3 Roller Hockey Skates Sr

  • The Mission Inhaler NLS3 Skate offers a good balance between high-end performance and cost-effectiveness. Mission utilized a traditional Tech Mesh quarter package that provides high-end support without being extremely stiff like modern composite boots. Since its also fully thermoformable, players will feel excellent out of the box comfort without a long break-in time.

    The lowers maintain high-end specs with the Variant Classic indoor wheels with their Hi-Lo ABEC 9 bearings. These sit in the NLS3's Hi-Lo, one-piece aluminum chassis that puts players in an aggressive forward pitch. This forward stance allows for some of the best agility and acceleration on the market, which are just a few reasons why it's one of the most popular setups on the market.

    Completely unique to the Inhaler line are the toe cap and the side quarter vents. The toe cap allows cool air to flow through the front of the boot while the side vents push hot air out, ensuring the feet are as cool and as comfortable as possible.


  • WHEELS Revision Variant Plus 74A WheelsHollow Torus Technology allows the side walls to flex in turns and stops for maximum grip while maintaining a featherlight feel
    BEARINGS Hi-Lo ABEC 9 608
    FRAME One-piece, aluminum Hi-Lo™ Vanguard™ FrameThe perfect balance in wheel sizes, using (2) 76mm wheels in the front and (2) 80mm wheels in the rear
    Maximizes results while still maintaining a low, powerful center of gravity
    Offers increased overall speed with a decreased stopping distance
    Mission Square Flush TwoPiece 6mm Axles
    LINER Brushed microfiber
    Wicks away moisture to better keep feet dry and comfortable
    TONGUE Two-piece, pro-styled white felt with an integrated lace-bite insert
    OUTSOLE Injected TPR
    HEEL SUPPORT Anatomical Heel
    QUARTER PACKAGE 3D-lasted Lightweight Tech Mesh
    Interchangeable Heel Color Chip
    Inhaler Ventilated Toe Caps for enhanced comfort
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