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MPC freestyle Dual Natural 80mm Wheels X-Firm

MPC freestyle Dual Natural 80mm Wheels X-Firm

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MPC Freestyle X-Firm - Dual Natural inline Skate Wheels were designed specifically to provide the best performance. MPC brand does not use the typical A-scale to describe the hardness of the wheel. Instead, they came up with their own scale, and so the MPC Freestyle wheels are X-FIRM, meaning they will do best at hard, dry and even surfaces – the exact same type that is preferable for freestyle slalom trainings. The producer compares it to the 84-86A hardness. Patented MTech Soft Heart - Hard Body Dual Urethane Technology

Price is for a Single

Wheel Sizes: 80mm , 76mm

Type: Freestyle, Urban, Slalom

Hardnesses: 84a (inside) 86a (outside)

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