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Nutcase Vio MIPS Light Helmet

Nutcase Vio MIPS Light Helmet

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The Nutcase VIO MIPS LED helmet was designed for both urban and adventure riders alike. Featuring safety leading MIPS technology and 360˚ LED lighting (200 lumen front/65 lumen side & rear), lighting up the night has never been so much fun. The VIO delivers all this with a 3 hour run time.

VIO brings ground-breaking light and panoramic visibility to the urban jungle and wanderlust gravel backroads with an industry leading 360˚ LED light system. Featuring an innovative headbadge that doubles as a headlamp that produces 200 LED lumens of headlight and a 65 LED lumen side and rear red and orange light band, the VIO can be be seen from over 500 feet away meeting most state guidelines as a bicycle light. Literally at it’s core, the Vio boasts an exclusive and patented Exo-skeleton technology, making the VIO the lightest 360


3 oversized vents for maximum airflow

360° reflectivity

Fidlock® magnetic buckle

Xstatic® anti-microbial pads

adjustable spin dial for a premium fit

removable visor.

Sizes: S/M (55- 59cm) and L/XL 5(9- 62cm)

Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older

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