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Powerslide Combat Rocker 3x110 Trinity Frame

Powerslide Combat Rocker 3x110 Trinity Frame

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If you’re looking for a fast, agile, and reliable urban freeride triskate frame, the hunt is over. Say hello to the Combat Rocker 110 - 260 frame from POWERSLIDE. What may be the best urban freeride trieskate frame on the market, the Combat Rocker 110 frame is designed to deliver unmatched urban freeride performance. Able to fit 3x110mm wheels, the frame gives you consistent speed while the trieskate setup improves agility. To further augment your individual skating style, the Combat frame incorporate HXG rocker spacers. These hexagon-shaped spacers can be easily adjusted to six different positions, allowing you to find the ideal rocker position for your individual skating style. Each wheel can be rockered individually, giving you virtually limitless options. Made of lightweight and super strong 6061 aircraft aluminum, the Combat triskate frame delivers excellent control and plenty of speed so you can bring your skating experience to a whole new level. The POWERSLIDE Combat Rocker 110 - 260 frame is engineered around the TRINITY 3-point mounting system. The TRINITY system brings your wheels as close to the boot as possible, giving you a low center of gravity, excellent stability, and improved control. For an unmatched urban freeride skating experience, give the POWERSLIDE Combat Rocker 110 - 260 a try.

Frame Mounting Standard: TRINITY 3-point mounting

Frame Material: AL 6061 aircraft

Frame Manufacturing Process: Extruded and CNC machining

Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM): 10,2" (260mm)

Frame Setup: 3x110mm

Max. Wheel Size: 110mm

Frame Axles: Single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, Torx T25

Frame Spacer: Hexagon rocker spacer

Adjustable Side to Side: Yes

Adjustable Front to Back: Yes

Included Accesssories: AL spacers, mounting screws, tool - Torx T25

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