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Powerslide MyFit Footie Heel Lock 2mm

Powerslide MyFit Footie Heel Lock 2mm

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MYFIT Footies Heel Lock 2mm are designed to lock your heel in the skate and prevent heel lift. The Myfit Footies range is designed to protect the skater's feet in the high-stress ankle and Achilles area and prevent blisters that are caused by friction. They are made from highly resistant SBR material sourced from Japan. The high-strength Shock Protection Cushion (SPC) material, located behind the ankle in the Achilles tendon area, is 3 mm thick and locks into the foot just above the heel. Flatlock stitching ensures a comfortable fit. Footies should be washed by hand only. They come with a 2mm thick material and low cut and could be used in all kinds of inline skates or roller skates when an improved heel lock is needed and to add comfort. MYFIT - upgrade your ride

Prevention of blisters and pressure points

Anatomically placed paddings to improve the heel lock of inline skates and roller skates

Medium thickness and comfortable, filling empty space in your inline and roller skates

Cushions Material: MYFIT SPC

Stiffness: Medium

Upper Material: Special neoprene made in Japan, 2mm

Heel Support: Medium

Comfort: Medium

Sold in a pair

XS = 31-34

S = 34-37

M = 37-40

L = 40-43

XL = 43-46

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