Powerslide Elite Casted MG 3x110 Trinity Frame

Powerslide Elite Casted MG 3x110 Trinity Frame

The Powerslide Elite MG 110 - 243 skate frames are the pinnacle of casted frames, super strong and yet super light. These frames are crafted from the highest quality magnesium, perfectly shaped, and constructed with the lowest center of gravity in mind which is an advantage when you skate with big wheels. The patented 3-point mounting system is a quantum leap for performance. It provides ultimate power transfer, best stability, improved balance, and reduces vibrations. The convenient single axle system allows for fast and simple wheel maintenance. The well-known X-slot mounting system enables you to customize your boot-frame position by shifting the frame in all directions. TRINITY isn´t just the best performing mounting system for inline skates, it also allows us to combine boots and frames across our range of products as preferred. You can easily become a fitness skater or speedskater, an urban- or off-road skater, you play hockey or go ice skating. This 3x110mm setup combines the best of both worlds – speed and agility – and is the most common three-wheel frame setup in the market. Triskates have changed the skating world with the 3x110mm setup at the forefront.

Frame Mounting Standard: TRINITY 3-point

Frame Material: MG 60B

Frame Manufacturing Process: 3D casted

Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM): 9,6" / 243mm

Max. Wheel Size: 3x110mm

Frame Axles: single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, torx T25

Frame Spacer: built in and CNC machined

Weight: 158g


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