Powerslide FSK Khaan Kids Skates

Powerslide FSK Khaan Kids Skates

  • Next generation push! Powerslide Khaan Junior urban inline skates for kids offer lots of fun. Children can learn their first steps on them, play hockey or even start with little jumps & slalom tricks. The supportive, rigid & long lasting hard shell is size adjustable, so it can grow with the kid´s feet. Stretchable multi-size liners fit nicely for pure comfort. It´s a great all-round skate for kids & young city skaters.


  • UPPER/SHELL Khaan Junior
    WHEELS PS Spinner 72/76mm, 85A
    • AL Khaan
    • 6061 aircraft aluminium
    • 7075 aluminium single axles
    • Laterally Adjustable
    • 27-30 207mm/4x68mm
    • 31-34 219mm/4x72mm
    • 35-38, 39-42 231mm/4x76mm

    PS Alpha Jr Shell

    • Fiberglass reinforced composite construction

      Standard Lacing

      Time ratchet buckle placed at 45°

      Universal Flap II

  • return and exchange
  • Model Cut: Normal Push Button Adjustable - Suitable for all Feet

    Fitting for COMFORT: Upsize to make full use of all sizes. e.g. If you are size 33, buy size 35-37

    Fitting for PERFORMANCE: Upsize to make full use of all sizes and add a thicker insole

    How it's supposed to feel when you first wear it: Extremely Snug at the sides. Space at the toe area is fine as the child is growing. Toes touching or reaching the end will be best

    How it's not supposed to feel when you first wear it: Toes curling up. Heel must not lift in the skates after tightening.

    Shell Sizing : Unique Shell for every size.

      Liner: Every size has a unique liner.

    Insoles : Add Insoles to fill up space if you Upsize e.g. if you need the size to be tighter, add one insole from any shoe.

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