Powerslide HABS Brake Mounts
Powerslide HABS Brake Mounts

Powerslide HABS Brake Mounts

Powerslide HABS Brake Mounts are used on many Powerslide and Doop models. The pad is adjustable so that you can slide up/down to prolong pad life and/or engage how you like. Compatible only with Powerslide models using HABS brakes.

Price is for One Brake Mount, Pad and Fixation Hardware

HABS - Height Adjustable Brake System (Loosen Screw to Move Pad)

Compatiblility: Powerslide and Doop models/frames using the HABS Brake Mount

HABS SM/MD (3.75" in Length)

One 8mm 2-Piece Brake Axle ; Two Small Frame Screws

4 Wheels - Max Wheel Size 100mm

3 Wheels - Max Wheel Size 100mm4x100 ; 3x110

HABS LG/XL (4.50" in Length)

One 8mm One-Piece Double Threaded Axle ; Two Screws for Axle ; Two Small Screws for


3 Wheels - Some 3x110 ; Most 3x125

NO HARDWARE included for older 3x125 models using two-piece axles

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