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Powerslide HABS Brake Mounts

Powerslide HABS Brake Mounts

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Powerslide HABS Brake Mounts are used on many Powerslide and Doop models with Elite AL Frames. The pad is adjustable so that you can slide up/down to prolong pad life and/or engage how you like. Compatible only with Powerslide models using HABS brakes.

Price is for One Brake Mount, Pad and Fixation Hardware

HABS - Height Adjustable Brake System (Loosen Screw to Move Pad)

Compatiblility: Powerslide and Doop models/frames using the HABS Brake Mount

HABS SM/MD ( From frames that is 80mm, 84mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm)

One 8mm 2-Piece Brake Axle ; Two Small Frame Screws

4 Wheels - Max Wheel Size 100mm

3 Wheels - Max Wheel Size 110mm

HABS LG/XL (For frames that is 125mm)

One 8mm One-Piece Double Threaded Axle ; Two Screws for Axle ; Two Small Screws for


3 Wheels - 3x125

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