Powerslide Hardcore Evo Trinity Skates
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Powerslide Hardcore Evo Trinity Skates

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  • This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

    Powerslide Hardcore Evo Pro Trinity Skates. Powerslides flagship Evo 2.0 slalom boot in a package hardcore freestylers will love. An all black colorway looks stealth over the rockerable Katana Pro Frames.

    The 2.0 improvements include added comfort and reinforced carbon fiber to the shell (wrapped in kevlar), with a 5mm heel lift to put you in perfect position for maneuvers. The cuff stiffness increased with 15% fiberglass composite construction for maximum lateral support. Integrated liners have nano leather uppers for support and comfort, with calculated placement of 3 layer padding made from 3D Speed Foam. Boots are completely heat moldable to get the best fit possible (90c). Dual ratchet buckles + toe strap keep you locked in place with precision.

    Katana Trinity Pro Frames are rockerable in the middle and rear position by flipping the axle. The trinity mount creates stability and power under the balls of the feet, with a channel that lowers skate height so that you can skate larger 90mm wheels with complete control on short 225mm/235mm frames (depends on skate size).

    6061 Extruded Aluminum Frames ; UC Undercover made in USA ; TwinCam ILQ9 Bearings No Brake - See Powerslide Urban Brake Manual



    Reinforced Carbon Composite Wrapped in Kevlar

    Super Heat Moldable Resin (SHMR) at 90c

    Can Re-Heat Boot or Trouble Spots as Needed

    Composite Trinity Cuff

    15% Fiberglass Reinforcement for Maximum Lateral Support

    Large Cavity with Flared Edges to Reduce Weight

    Microfiber PU Nano Leather Upper for Comfort and Support

    Replaceable Side Abrasion Protector

    Trinity Mount

    X-Slot Mounting - Laterall Adjustable


    UC Undercover made in USA

    EU36-38 | 84mm 88A Wheels

    EU39-46 | 90mm 88A Wheels

    BEARINGS Wicked TwinCam ILQ9 Classic Inline Skate Bearings

    Powerslide Nexus Rocker

    Sizes EU36-38 3x84 (84mm Max) ; 205mm

    Sizes EU39-44 3x90 (90mm Max) ; 215mm

    Sizes EU45 3x90 (90mm Max) ; 235mm

    2nd & Rear Wheel Rockerable

    Trinity Mount

    Forward and Backward Adjustability - Laterally Adjustable

    One-Sided 8mm Torx Axle in Front Wheel ; 8mm Rockerable Axle in 2nd & Rear Position

    Tool Included


    Micro Adjustable Ratchet Cuff Buckle

    Micro Adjustable Ratchet 45 Degree Buckle with Universal Flap System

    Velcro Toe Straps



    MyFIT Uni-Mold - Integrated Liner (Not Removable)

    Enables Maximum Power Transfer and Fit

    Neoprene and Microfiber for Max Comfort

    3 Layer with Speedfoam Padding

    1 Piece Compression Tongue

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