Powerslide Imperial SC 110 Skates

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Powerslide Imperial SC 110 Skates

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  • Powrslide Imperial Supercruiser 110 Skates are great for transportation, training or just for fun. The Imperial boot can be seen scattered throughout the Powerslide line. It's a responsive, molded plastic shell, seen with varying closures and replaceable side protectors. The Supercruiser 110 is bright white, with a ratchet buckle powerstrap to keep you locked in and feeling secure on a taller large wheel skate. Short 255mm (10") triskate frames make skating 110mm wheels easy, as they have speed, agility and the ability to get over cracks and bumps with ease. Large wheels also maintain roll better, making for a more pleasureable overall experience when skating distance.

    Aluminum 3x110mm Frames (Max 125) ; Spinner 110mm 88A Wheels ; Brake Not Included



    Fiberglass Reinforced Composite Mix Shell and Cuff

    MYFIT FatBoy Dual Fit Liner

    Stretchable Toe Allows Two Sizes To Fit One Liner/Boot/Skate

    Heat Mouldable

    3 Layer Padding

    Anatomical Shaped 3-D Padding

    Dual Density Innersole

    Integrated Shock Absorber

    Replaceable Side Protector

    X-Slot Mounting for Frame Customization

    WHEELS PS Megacruiser 110mm 88A
    BEARINGS Wicked freespin ABEC 9

    Powerslide Unity Urban 3x125mm Frame

    125mm Max Wheels Size

    165mm Spacing

    10.0" / 255mm Frame Length

    Laterally Adjustable

    Two Piece 8mm Axles


    MyFit Recall Dual Fit


    Standard Lacing

    Memory Lock Top Ankle Strap

    Micro-Ratchet 45 Degree Strap

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