Powerslide Kaze 90 Trinity Skates

Powerslide Kaze 90 Trinity Skates

  • This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

    POWERSLIDE KAZE 90 - upgraded inside and out The Powerslide Kaze 90 is a top notch all-round freeskate, which has just been thoroughly renovated. The new flex shell in combination with high end foam materials offers much more comfort than before. The new MYFIT SPC material with its memory fit effect adapts to each individual foot shape offering maximum comfort. The Kaze has now got a Triskate setup following our philosophy get more with less. The skate features the super stiff and highly reactive Nexus rocker frame, fast and grippy Spinner 90mm / 88A wheels and high performance ABEC 9 bearings from Wicked. Catering to a wide range of skating styles, these skates will handle all your requirements. Take them for a fast ride through the city, enjoy long controlled slides or improve your skills in a freestyle session. No matter what you do with your Kaze's, fun is guaranteed.

    Katana Rockerable Frames ; Spinner 90mm 88A Wheels ; Wicked ABEC9 Bearings; No Brake



    Kaze Boot - Nylon + Fiberglass Base

    Polyurethane Nano Leather / Thermo Welded Kevlar Ropes

    Special Flex Nylon Cuff

    Integrated Built-In Liner - MyFit Recall Memory Fit Foam

    Trinity Mounting with Adjustability Side to Side and Front to Back

    EVA Innersole

    Integrated Shock Absorber

    WHEELS Powerslide Spinner 90mm 88A Wheels

    Powerslide Nexus Rockerable Frames

    Double Voided Extruded 7075 Aluminum

    3x90mm (Max 90mm)

    Trinity Mount


    One Piece 8mm Torx Axles Front Wheel Position

    Rockerable Two-Piece 8mm Torx Axles Two Back Wheels

    Install the axles so the arrow on the axle head is pointing down or up depending on preference.


    Built-In Integrated Liners - Not Removable

    MyFit Recall Memory Fit Foam


    Standard Lacing

    Memory Lock Top Ankle Strap

    Micro-Ratchet 45 Degree Strap

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  • Model Cut: Normal - Suitable for all Feet including Wide Feet (Can be Widened by a lot through heat moulding).

    Fitting for COMFORT: Buy Exact Size and Heat Mould

    Fitting for PERFORMANCE: Buy 1 Size Down and Heat Mould

    How it's supposed to feel when you first wear it: Extremely Snug at the sides with slight discomfort. May experience numbing at the start. It will soften and expand alot after 6-8 hours. Can be heat moulded to quicken the process. Toes must be touching or reaching the end.

    How it's not supposed to feel when you first wear it: Toes curling up or toes able to move around freely. Heel must not lift in the skates after tightening.

    Shell Sizing : Shell and Liner are integrated. Unique Shell/Liner for every size.

      Liner: Every size has a unique liner.

    Insoles : Stock insole may not be of high quality. Purchase a good insole for the best experience.

    Powerslide Size Guide

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