Powerslide Kaze Trinity 90 Skates
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Powerslide Kaze Trinity 90 Skates

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  • This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

    The Powrerslide Kaze Trinity 90 Skates have boots that are firm and responsive, able to excel at urban and/or freestyle type skating. This skate is outfitted with rockerable frames that can skate flat, or rockered for added agility (height of back two wheels adjust with axle). Three-Point Trinity Mount Technology creates a low center of gravity, recessing wheels under the boot to lower deck height and heighten control and is immediately noticeable via enhanced stability and improved power transfer. Kaze performance-oriented boots use a version of PS Welded Uppers on top of a stiff base for solid lateral support. The result is comfort, breathability, and flexibility, without limiting responsiveness. Laces, a micro-ratchet buckle around midstep and a memory locking buckle at cuff round out the quality closures.

    Katana Rockerable Frames ; Spinner 90mm 88A Wheels ; Wicked ABEC9 Bearings; No Brake


  • UPPER/SHELL PS V. Trinity composite fiber
    WHEELS Powerslide Spinner 90mm 88A Wheels
    BEARINGS Wicked TwinCam ILQ9 Classic

    Powerslide Katana Aluminum Frame

    EU 38-39 / 215mm

    EU 40-41 / 225mm

    EU 42-46 / 235mm


    Powerslide 'Powerlast' Uni-Mold


    Ratchet buckle

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