Powerslide Megacruiser Wheels with Frames
Powerslide  Megacruiser Wheels with Frames

Powerslide Megacruiser Wheels with Frames

POWERSLIDE MEGACRUISER Frame Set – go big, go Megacruiser!

The Megacruiser frame set is the easiest way to upgrade your skate set-up to biiiiig wheels. This 3-D patented stamped frame is made from 6063 aluminium. It’s a one piece design and comes with durable double steel axles. The package includes a full set of 125mm Powerslide Megacruiser wheels. The polyurethane (PU) of these wheels is fast and grippy for maximum fun and come as standard with Wicked ABEC 9 freespin bearings. This frame fits all standard 165mm mount skates. This Megacruiser frame set comes in a classic black color and fits max. 125mm wheels at a length of 255mm.

You need a brake? Check out our Powerslide Megacruiser brake which is especially made for 3x125mm frames!

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