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Powerslide Next Cuff

Powerslide Next Cuff

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The Next Cuff Black can be used to replace your shredded Next skates or to create a new look if your skate comes in a different color. Next skates have gained huge popularity in the urban skating community due to their TRINITY mounting standard allowing the skater to stay low on the ground and the unmatched performance as well as great fitting. The cuffs are made of glass-fiber reinforced composite material (GFRP) providing durability and strength. The rocker cuff spacer allows you to assemble the cuff in a higher or lower position. You can even cant the cuff to the inside or outside to solve anatomically disbalances. The replacement cuffs come including hardware.


2 x Cuff Left and Right

4x Rocker Spacers

4x Cuff Screws

Does not include Screw Receivers.

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