Powerslide Phuzion Krypton 100 Skates

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Powerslide Phuzion Krypton 100 Skates

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  • Powerslide Phuzion Krypton 100 Skates. The Krypton and Radon models use the same boots, in different colors and wheel packages. They are softer, and more forgiving than others in the Phuzion line. This focus on comfort has them geared toward recreational skating by any skill level. They are not absent of quality components, but with less reinforcement up top, it helps to keep costs down.

    Laterally adjustable aluminum frames create rigidity and response. The wheels can be rockered a bit by simply flipping the frame spacers. A cuff buckle is used up top, with a velcro power strap now used over the forefoot for simplicity and to keep feet in place. Large 100mm wheels are once again made easy to skate with short triskate frames that are just 9.8" long. It easy to maintain speed and get over cracks and bumps, while agility remains high.

    Aluminum Frames ; 100mm 85A Wheels ; ABEC7 HABS Small (907031)



    Glass-fiber Reinforced Skeleton at Base of Boot

    Lateral Adjustment Capability

    195mm Mount

    WHEELS Powerslide 90mm 85A Wheels
    BEARINGS Wicked ABEC5 Bearings



    9.8" Unity One Piece

    Max 100mm

    2pt 165 and 195 Mounting

    Two Sided 8mm Axles

    Rockerable via Flipping of Frame Spacers

    Laterally Adjustable


    Integrated Recall Memory Fit Liner (not Removable)

    Micromesh with Neoprene Upper

    MyFit Footbed


    Cuff Buckle

    45 Degree Velcro Power Strap

    Standard Lacing

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