Powerslide Phuzion Xenon Skates

Powerslide Phuzion Xenon Skates

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  • This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

    The Powerslide Phuzion Xenon Men Triskate is a high-performance fitness skate. Constructed using a glass fiber reinforced outer shell and cuff and combined with the TRINITY mounting system it provides an amazing stable platform that improves power transfer, reduces vibrations and creates a super low center of gravity for more and better balance. The Powerknit upper ensures a snug and supportive fit. Powerslides Elite casted aluminum frame is light weight and stiff. Powerslides 3x100mm 85A and WICKED ABEC 7 bearings make sure the skate is super-fast. Includes HABS brake. Phuzion: Comfortable Performance.

    100mm 85A Wheels ; Wicked ABEC7 Bearings ; HABS Brake


    Dual buckle closure for easy and effective tightening. Unlike conventional velcro strap, buckles grips the ankle better for high responsive skating. Standard lacing all the way to the shin wraps the foot making it secure.

    Powerslide Powerknit Uppers With Recall Fit Padding helps support the stance and help skaters stand straighter. Glass-fiber reinforced Skeleton around Boot helps to keep ankle in place during maneuvers. Trinity Mount offers low centre gravity thus helping with balance. The frame is laterally adjustable, allowing skaters to configure the skates base on skating style. 

    Integrated Recall Fit Liner (not Removable) is extremely comfortable. It is also ventilated keeping feet cool and dry.  Micro-mesh with Neoprene Soft Shell provides comfort and support at the same time. MyFit Footbed insole supports the arch on the foot to prevent pains and sores.

    Powerslide 100mm 85A Wheels is balanced for both speed and maneuvers. It has a special component to increase lifespan of the wheels and it gives a great feel when skating. Wicked ABEC7 Bearings are extremely smooth and durable. Long distance skating will not be an issue anymore.

    The Powerslide Elite casted AL frames are the pinnacle of casted frames, super strong and yet very light. These TRINITY frames are crafted from the highest quality aluminum, perfectly shaped and constructed with the lowest center of gravity in mind. These Elite frames with their 3-point mounting system are a quantum leap for performance. Designed around the ergonomics of the wheels to provide the best stability, improved balance, reduced vibrations and maximising the power transfer in every stride. The convenient single axel system allows for fast and simple wheel maintenance. TRINITY also offers the well known X-slot mounting system which allows you to customize your boot-frame position by shifting the frame both side to side plus forwards and backwards. TRINITY isn´t just the best performing mounting system for inline skates, its also compatible with ALL models across our range, so with a single Powerslide Trinity mounting boot you can enjoy all segments of skating at any time.


    Powerslide Powerknit Uppers With Recall Fit Padding

    Glass-fiber reinforced Skeleton around Boot

    Trinity Mount

    Lateral Adjustment Capability

    WHEELS Powerslide Infinity 100mm - 85A
    BEARINGS Wicked ABEC 7



    Elite Casted Aluminum - One Piece

    Max 100mm

    Trinity Mount

    One-Sided Torx 8mm Axles

    X-Slot Mounting Compatible

    Slides Frontward and Backward

    Laterally Adjustable on These Boots


    Integrated Recall Fit Liner (not Removable)

    Micromesh with Neoprene Soft Shell

    MyFit Footbed


    Dual Buckle Closure (Cuff & 45 Degree Power Strap)

    Standard Lacing

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  • Model Cut: Normal - Suitable for all Feet

    Fitting for COMFORT: Buy Exact Size

    Fitting for PERFORMANCE: Buy Exact and change to a thicker insole

    How it's supposed to feel when you first wear it: Wrapping with slight discomfort. It will soften and expand after 6-8 hours. Toes must be touching or reaching the end.

    How it's not supposed to feel when you first wear it: Toes curling up or toes able to move around freely. Heel must not lift in the skates after tightening.

      Soft Boot: Every full size has a unique boot. E.g. This model has no half sizes

    Insoles : Thicker Insoles can be used to create "half a size less space." e.g. A size 8 can become a size 7.5 with a thicker insole.

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