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Powerslide Racing Warm-Up Zip Pants

Powerslide Racing Warm-Up Zip Pants

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Powerslide´s Warm-Up Zip pantss are designed to keep you warm while still being aerodynamic. Produced by our sportswear partner, Hunter, only the best materials are used to ensure a perfect fit and aerodynamics. No matter if it´s for your warm up or skating to sweat more, our Warm-Up Zip pantss ensure you stay warm without losing agility. With the zippers on the outside of the legs you are able to put the pantss on and off even with your skates or shoes on.

Division: Speedskating

Sizes: XS-XL

Material: 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex

Recommended Sizing (User Weight)

XS - 30 - 45KG

S - 45 - 55KG

M - 55 - 75KG

L - 75 - 90KG

XL - 90 - 120KG


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