Powerslide Samurai Racing Skates
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Powerslide Samurai Racing Skates


    The Powerslide Samurai Skates are designed with a tight, aggressive fit that is best for skaters with smaller ankles wanting absolute transfer of energy. A 100% carbon fiber shell is heat moldable for the perfect fit. The 3K Weave Carbon construction keeps the skate as stiff as possible without weighing you down. The MYFIT lining technology is a revolutionary heat molding process that ensures the lining can shape with the boot to the feet, as many times as needed. The outside material is a PU leather, and the lining is made up of a microfiber that is designed to be comfortable and keep the skater’s feet as dry as possible.

    Powerslide Triple-X 12.8” Frames ; 3x125mm Matter G13 Wheels ; Wicked JAPAN bearings.



    100% 3K Carbon Fiber Boot

    Improved stiffness without additional weight

    New Shape Design

    Narrow/Slim fit for maximum power transfer

    Uses Powerslide's most accurate last available

    Lightweight and flexible uppers that wrap the foot like a sock

    PU Leather Uppers

    MyFit Heat Moldable

    Heat moldable for custom fit

    Can be re-heat molded as many times as needed without damaging the material

    195mm Spacing

    X-Slot Mounting for Custom Adjustment

    Stride and Pitch Control

    WHEELS Matter One20Five G13 Wheels, 125mm / F1 (86A)
    BEARINGS Wicked JAPAN Bearings

    Powerslide XXX 125mm Frame

    Powerslide X-Box Design™

    Three dimension "X-extrusion" - longitudinal profile, sidewalls, and bridges

    Adds strength and rigidity without adding weight

    12.8" / 325mm Length

    7005 Aluminum

    195mm Mounting

    Single sided axles

    Pitch and Stride Control compatible


    Speedfoam Padding

    Soft padding that fills empty space to improve response

    Microfiber Lining

    Creates Air Circulation to Provide Cooling and Enhance Circulation

    Built-in Tongue with Air Ventilation

    3D Anatomical Padding Around Ankle & Tendon of Boots


    Waxed Laces

    Double Velcro Mid Arch Straps

    45 Degree "Icon" Buckle Strap & Cover

    Lace cover to reduce lace bite and keep the buckle centered

    Micro-Adjustment Ratchet Buckle - ensures proper tension with micro adjustment

    Pre-Shaped Injected with Padding

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