Powerslide Swell Trinty Aquamarine 100 Skate

Powerslide Swell Trinty Aquamarine 100 Skate

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  • This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

    Powerslide Swell Aquamarine 100 Trinity Skate. For the fitness trainer wanting flexibilitiy to skate open trails and tighter locations, using one skate, without sacrificing performance. The light magnesium frames reduce fatigue on long, straight sessions. But if choosing a tighter location, short 9.1" frames have agility and the abiltiy to get up and down from speeds with ease. What type of skate are you going to choose today? Height-Adjustable Brake System (HABS) allows brake pad adjustment to prolong pad life or to set to engage as preferred. Glass-fiber reinforced plastic surrounds the entire base of the boot, allowing the Power Knit uppers to fasten securely all around the foot. Together this creates a snug, comfortable, responsive fit that limits boot stretch for better power transfer. Pressure points in the shell can be heat molded away (175F), but with new added flex cuts in the cuff it unlikely you'll need to.

    Trinity mounting has two winged mounts under the ball of the feet, and creates a channel for the wheels to recess under the boots. The lower center of gravity, added stability and increased power at pushoff is changing the landscape for inline skates.

    Magnesium Frames ; 100mm 86A Wheels ; ABEC9 Bearings HABS Brake S/M


      Skates are easier to roll and better for those who have experience in skating. The wheels are usually harder to reduce grip and increase roll time. Balls in the bearings are rounder for a smoother and increased speed.


      Fitness skates are recommended for those who want a comfortable and easy to use pair of skates. Fitness skates are soft boots with medium length frame for a balance of stability, agility and speed. It comes with plastic frame (for user weight <70kg) or aluminium frame (for user weight >70kg)


      Agile set up means the frame is shorter and usually have the front and rear wheels almost aligned with the skate boot. This allows a smaller foot print and makes pivoting easier. Skaters who prefer easy maneuvering and sharp turns should go for this set up.



    Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastic

    New Nylon Shell with Flex Cuts

    Power Knit Uppers

    Woven for Snug Performance Fit

    Power Welded Lace Eyelets

    TPU Abrasion Resistant Side Panels and Toe

    Trinity Mount:

    Laterally Adjustable/Vertically Adjustable

    Heat Moldable Shell

    175 Degrees Fahrenheit

    Take Wheels Off

    Be Careful of Metal Parts

    Put on While Seated with Knee Over Toe Until Cool

    WHEELS UnderCover Wheels (Swell) Wheels 100mm 86A
    BEARINGS Wicked ABEC9 608 Bearings

    Powerslide Elite Casted Magnesium Frames

    3x100mm (Max 100mm)

    One-Piece Construction

    9.1" (231mm) ; 8.1" (205mm Size EU36-37)

    One Piece 8mm Torx Axles

    Trinity Mount Only

    Vertically Adjustable

    Lateral Adjustabiity on These Boots


    Integrated Recall Fit Liners (Not Removable)

    MyFit Removable Footbed

    Not Heat Moldable

    MyFit Removable Footbed


    Standard Lacing

    Cuff Buckle

    Velcro 45 Degree Strap

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  • Model Cut: Normal - Suitable for all Feet including Wide Feet (Can be Widened by a lot through heat moulding).

    Fitting for COMFORT: Buy Exact Size and Heat Mould

    Fitting for PERFORMANCE: Buy 1 Size Down and Heat Mould

    How it's supposed to feel when you first wear it: Extremely Snug at the sides with slight discomfort. May experience numbing at the start. It will soften and expand alot after 6-8 hours. Can be heat moulded to quicken the process. Toes must be touching or reaching the end.

    How it's not supposed to feel when you first wear it: Toes curling up or toes able to move around freely. Heel must not lift in the skates after tightening.

    Shell Sizing : Shell and Liner are integrated. Unique Shell/Liner for every size.

      Liner: Every size has a unique liner.

    Insoles : Thinner Insoles can be used between sizes to create "half a size more space." e.g. A size 42 becomes a size 42.5 with a thinner insole

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