Powerslide Swell Moon Grey Trinity 100 Skates

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Powerslide Swell Moon Grey Trinity 100 Skates

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  • This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

    Powerslide Swell Moon Grey Skates are great for fitness or fun. Easy to skate, triskates have short frames with wheels further recessed under the boots. A low center of gravity with the center wheel directly under the foot stabilizes the skater, providing unsurpassed maneuverability and control. Trinity Frames further stabilize for increased power during pushoff. Height Adjustable Brake System (HABS) allows adjustment of brake pad to prolong its life.

    Welded Uppers heat treat lacing to the mesh, reinforcing without any stitching or extra layers. Breathable and resistant, the soft uppers are fused to a lightweight, anatomically shaped shell with a nylon fiberglass base. Integrated ankle padding and lining provide a "sock-like" fit for superior comfort.

    Trinity Frames ; 100mm 86A Wheels ; ABEC7 Bearings ; HABS Brake



    Welded Upper

    Heat forming uppers that contour to the foot shape for a sock-like fit

    Laces Heat Treated to the Mesh without Stitching or Extra Layers

    Nylon + Fiberglass Base

    Trinity Mount:

    Laterally Adjustable

    X-Slot Compatible if with X-Slot Frames

    Heat Moldable Shell

    WHEELS 100mm 86A Undercover wheels made in USA
    BEARINGS Wicked freespin ABEC 9 bearings

    Powerslide Trinity gravity casted Al

    One-Piece Construction

    231mm Frame Length

    Max Wheel Size 100mm

    Trinity Mount Only

    Vertically Adjustable

    X-Slot Compatiblle


    Standard Lacing

    Memory Lock Top Ankle Strap

    Velcro 45 Degree Strap

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