Powerslide Swell Multicolor Flare 100 Trinity Skates
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Powerslide Swell Multicolor Flare 100 Trinity Skates

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  • This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

    Powerslide Swell Trinity Multicolor Flare 100 Skates are suitable for most with easy to skate, short trinity frames. Performance upgrades over many other Swell models include ABEC9 bearings and the use of lighter magnesium frames that reduce fatigue on longer skates. Trinity frames enhance stability and control by allowing the wheels to recess up under the boot, creating a low center of gravity. The winged mount under the ball of the foot strengthens power at push-off. Comfortable Powerknit Uppers provide a surprisingly close fitting wrap to create excellent energy transfer.

    Trinity Magnesium Frames ; UC 100mm 86A Wheels ; ABEC9 Bearings ; HABS Brake


  • UPPER/SHELL Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastic
    WHEELS UnderCover by Matter Wheels 100mm 86A
    BEARINGS Powerslide Wicked ABEC9

    Powerslide Powerslide Elite Casted Magnesium 231mm


    Memory Lock Top Ankle Strap

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