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Powerslide Zoom 80 Pro Skates

  • $ 319.00 SGD
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  • This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

    Powerslide Zoom 80 Inline Skates. The Zoom is Powerslide's entry point to molded plastic shell boots. The Zoom 80 is great for cruising or for transportation. Large volume shells are easy to get on and off, with lots of room at toes. Dual fit liners make them easy to size and trinity mount frames keep you low to the ground and in control. If looking to add speed later on, trinity frames are easily swapped out for others of different wheel configrations.

    Dual buckle closures keep feet locked in place. MyFit Basic Dual Fit Liners are cozy and easy to size and 86A wheels are durable and road ready.

    Casted Alu Frames ; 80mm 86A Wheels ; ABEC5 Bearings No Brake Included (Compatible with HABS S/M)



    Hardboot with Removable Liner

    Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic


    Medium Flexibility Cuff

    Not Heat Moldable

    Trinity Mount (Adapter Plate)

    Replaceable Sliders

    WHEELS PS Hurricane 80mm 85A
    BEARINGS Wicked ABEC 5

    Elite Casted Trinity Aluminum Frames ; 9.6" (243mm)

    Adjustable Front to Rear and Slighly Laterally

    One-Piece 8mm Axles


    MyFit Basic Dual Fit Liners

    Neoprene Stretch Toe - Fits Two Sizes

    Not Head Moldable

    Skatesole EVA Innersole Footbed


    PS Top buckle,

    45º flap ratchet buckle,


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