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Quad Lock Bike Kit

Quad Lock Bike Kit

  • The Quad Lock® Bike Mount for almost all latest Apple iPhone is the lightest and strongest Bike Mount available thanks to the Patent Pending Quad Lock dual lock system. The bike kit is supplied with everything you need to mount your iPhone to your bike. Your iPhone can be fully utilised to track your fitness via apps like Strava™ or navigate your city with ease using Apple® or Google® Maps. You will never miss another message or tweet again and stopping to screen your calls will be a thing of the past.

  • Compatible with all Quad Lock Mounts

    Slim and Protective iPhone 6/6S Plus case

    Bike Mount Pro can mount on both Stem or Handlebars

    Bike Mount Pro suits tube diameters ranging from 2540mm in diameter. Larger tubes size can be used with longer zipties.

    Includes weather resistant Poncho to protect from Rain, Dust, Sweat and Mud.

    Compatible for both the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus