Razors Shift 2 Aggressive Skates
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Razors Shift 2 Aggressive Skates

  • Razors Shift 2 Skates (like the Shift and Cosmo) feature the IFC (Instant Frame Change) System, which allows a skater to change from an aggressive, to an urban, or even a powerblade set up with 3x110mm in seconds. With the t-nut hardware removed, simply push 2 buttons to remove the replaceable slider plate on the bottom outisde of the skate, and then the souls with frames still attached come off as well, without having to access any of the UFS hardware. Additional soul frames sold separately to have pre-made setups that can be thrown on with ease. Cosmo Soul Frames when used with Cosmo Sliders can be used on Shift/Shift2 boots.

    The Shift 2 has the addition of t-nuts on the inner/negative part of the sole, and Reign Liners for a more stable, comfortable ride.

    Ground Control FLT3 Frames ; 62mm 92A Wheels ; ABEC9 Bearings


  • UPPER/SHELL Razors Shift 2 Boot 2018

    NEW Instant Frame Change system (IFC)

    NEW slim boot shell

    new cuff with buckle strap stash

    1-piece soul plate/slider


    Razors 62mm 92A wheels

    42mm Anti-Rocker Wheels with Aluminum Spacers

    BEARINGS Sealed ABEC9 Bearings

    Instant Frame Change System

    Ground Control Featherlite 3 Frames

    Pre-Grooved Backslide Plates

    Replaceable Grind Pieces

    LINER Reign Liners

    1.79KG (1 side- sz:10)

  • Razors Aggressives Skates generally fit about one half to one full size smaller than your shoe. For example, if your shoe size is a size 8, you would generally wear a size 8.5 to a 9 skate. Sizes below are those offered on sizing chart supplied by manufacturer.

    USA Men's 6 7 8 9 10 10.5 11 12 13 14
    EU 38 40 41 42 43 43 45 46 47 48
    UK 5 6 7 8 9 9.5 10 11 12 13


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