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Rollerblade Skate Gear Jr G Protective Set

Rollerblade Skate Gear Jr G Protective Set

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Skate Gear JR 3 Pack is designed for kids. Value-priced, this gear pack protects wrists, knees and elbows. Anatomically left/right designed with protective caps, the sock sleeve and strap system ensure a correct fit.

QUALITY - Durable construction at a value price, including wristguards, knee pads and elbow pads

ANATOMICALLY DESIGNED - Protective caps with left/right specific form

EASY-STRAP CLOSURE SYSTEM - Pads stay securely in place, with additional sock liner

BREATHABLE MESH - Perforated, padded lining

Includes A pair of Wrist, Elbow and Knee Guard Shell Polyurethane padding Fabric Nylon and synthetic fabric; Breathable mesh material Closure Double Velcro Straps with Easy Slipon


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