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Rollerblade Bladegear Protective Set

Rollerblade Bladegear Protective Set

  • The Rollerblade Bladegear XT Protective Gear Tri-Pack (3 pack) is a convenient three pack of protective gear suitable for most inline activities and skaters. Level 1 Rated protection provides suitable protection without the design of a bulky pads, allowing maximum range of motion and comfort. Anatomically shaped wrist, knee and elbow pads are constructed with breathable mesh materials to increase comfort while delivering optimal protection.

    Sizing: Provided by Rollerblade, should be used as a guideline and may differ based on body type - Based on height

    Small = shorter then 155 cm

    Medium = 155 - 170 cm

    Large = 170 - 180 cm

    XL = 180 cm and up

  • Includes A pair of Wrist, Elbow and Knee Guard
    Shell Polyurethane padding
    Fabric Nylon and synthetic fabric; Breathable mesh material
    Closure Double Velcro Straps with Easy Slipon
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